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Hezký den,

teď sice cestovat není možné, ale už teď můžete plánovat dobrovolnictví v zahraničí třeba na dny, kdy už snad bude lépe.

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1. v Dánsku:

Dear all.

We have one open vacancy at Kalø Økologiske Landbrugsskole from 01.08.20 to 31.07.21

Please note that due to Corona Virus, we might have to change the arrival date and end date. We will keep you posted and follow the situation closely. 

The application deadline is May 30th 2020. 

Please learn more about the project and how to apply here:…/evs-hosting-opportunities-in-denmark/…


2. v Bulharsku:

Dear all
We are still looking for committed new members to join our volunteers! This is a long-term EVS at Smokinya Foundation, based in Plovdiv!

👉More information:

👉Apply here:

3. v Portugalsku:


We will apply for the May 7th deadline and if approved, project will be 6 months beginning September 2020. Send your CV and motivation letter to by Sunday, May 3rd. More information at

The Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra (APCC) is located in Coimbra, halfway between Porto and Lisbon, three hours from Salamanca and two hours from Vigo, Spain. It is known by its University – the 2nd oldest in Europe – which gives the entire city a bit of a student-driven culture. It is a district of contrasts, placed between the sea and the mountains with a landscape of beaches and resorts. Other than the university, its main feature is the Mondego River valley, the largest river originating in Portuguese territory.

The EVS project activities will involve several of APCC’s services, namely the Rehabilitation Center, three Residential Units, and Conraria Farm (Quinta da Conraria). Both the Rehabilitation Center and the Residential Units are located near the city center in a lively and rather green area, close to the University and various other higher education colleges. The Conraria Farm is located about 6 km away from Coimbra, is about 600,000 square feet big, and hosts several occupational activities as well as vocational training. It also hosts a Biological Farm, an Adventure Farm, a Learning Farm and a Riding School, offering many activities to our clients and the community. All of APCC’s Services (The Rehabilitation Center, The Residential Units, and Conraria Farm) have wheelchair access in all areas and do not have any architectural barriers.

Activities that the volunteer may be involved with include, but are not limited to:

Toy Library and Ludoteca: a dynamic and interactive space at the Center where play activities are used to foster equal opportunities and promote the right to play.

The Volunteer’s Role: to participate in activities related to thematic story- telling, to manufacture materials to support the activities, to manufacture toys and help fix those that are broken, and to work at the adapted toys workshop.

Semi-Internato (School): located at the Center, which houses a kindergarten and a primary school.

The Volunteer’s Role: to participate in classroom activities, to help with the daily meals in the cafeteria, assist at the playground and during breaks, assist with activities in the Conservatory of Music, and organize activity groups.

Collaboration with Psychomotricity: work with a Psychomotor Therapist who evaluates and treats the motor expression in children that have problems with psycho-motor development and maturation.

The Volunteer’s Role: to participate in activities of psychomotricity, such as Zarabatana, Hydrotherapy (in collaboration with pool sessions in the Physiotherapy department), and Hippotherapy in the Equestrian Center of the Quinta da Conraria farm.

Quinta Pedagógica: the Quinta da Conraria Farm creates pedagogic and recreational activities for children involving nature, animals, cultural traditions, and festivities.

The Volunteer’s Role: to participate and assist in occasional activities with both APCC’s clients and members of the community.

Residences: APCC’s three residential units are a great way for volunteers to integrate directly with APCC’s client population. Social activities in both the residence and during outings enchance the quality of life of residents.

The Volunteer’s Role: to socialize with the clients at the residence and participate in outings in the community, at least one time per week and occasionally on weekends for specific events.

Each volunteer will most likely participate at various sites on varying days, according to a rotating schedule and also according to their interests. Activities are also seasonal, so some don’t occur all year long.

4. v Belgii:

Hello everyone!

Our organizations are looking for volunteers for 10-12 months for a long ESC project in Belgium.

Only European Volunteering countries are approved.

Please check the documents for further information.

Start: ASAP Send your CV and motivation letter to

5. v Polsku:

We are looking for volunteers for a 12 month vacancies in Gdynia (Poland) 

Start: July 2020

Application deadline: 17.05..2020

Foundation of Social Changes „Creative“

City Public Library in Gdynia

are searching for volunteers to join their team 

If you like to work with people of all age groups, you are interested in cultural activities and intercultural education, please read more about those 2 different projects on our website 

Follow the links to find detailed description and fill in the applicaiton form:

6. v Rakousku:

ooking for a volunteer for intercultural projects in Graz, Austria for 12 months, starting in September.

EU only!



7. v Rumunsku:

Outward Bound Romania is looking for 4 international volunteers from EU countries for 9 month, who will help the development of the local youngsters trough outdoor education. We hope the health situation will normalize soon and the volunteers can start 1st of June. If you are interested send am e-mail to

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Hodina H

+420 723 902 099

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