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zasíláme nové nabídky dobrovolnictví v zahraničí:

Start of the activity: 14. 9. 2020
End: 30. 6. 2021
We are looking for 3 volunteers from EU countries aged between 18 and 30. 
The volunteers accompany children and youngsters with special needs at school work, organise activities that promote healthy life style, sports, social skills, they will organise a language course, have creative workshops, cooking … The volunteers will also be a part of our Centre’s projects (camping) and international projects (youth exchanges). Volunteers will also present their country, culture and volunteering projects to youngsters in the Center but also to other young people in schools, libraries and other organizations from local and regional environment. Volunteers will learn about different pedagogical methods, about group dynamic, method of active listening, experiential pedagogy, method of individual work and method of project work (from the idea, preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project). Being a part of activities will enable volunteers to get to know new and current methods of working with people with special needs and youngsters in general. They will improve their knowledge on the field of special needs, inclusion and will gain competences on prpfessional and on personal level. Volunteers will have a constant support of professionals working in CIRIUS Kamnik. For the project we will train volunteers through basic beginners training, we will offer them on-going support through the whole period of the project.
Accomodation for volunteers is available in our Centre (apartment for two volunteers), recently renovated (kitchen with a dishwasher, washing machine, TV, Wi-Fi, rooms with a lovely view on the Alps) and another smaller apartment for one. The food is provided for in our Centre from Monday to Friday (lunch and dinner, breakfast is optional). 
You can contact me on my e-mail, on the messenger or open the link and fill the online form:

2. v Nizozemí:

Dear all,

now Corona is a little more „under control“ we see opportunities to start again with our postponed projects, so first i want to present you again the project below with the new dates 📷🙂

Our idea for a Volunteering team under ESC was approved by National Agency,

So now people (also if you did EVS) who are interested (only countries that are able to travel already in that period are welcome to apply.


* it is an ECOLOGY project,

* Final dates are 20 July till 18 August 2020.

* it will last 4 weeks in the centre of the Netherlands.

* it will contain 40 youngsters

* we will be in a camping place (or maybe scouting building)

* most of the job is cleaning a beautiful part of the forest, taking the garbage, taking away the not wanted plants etc.

* you will work together with other and Dutch volunteers in smaller teams

* part of the job is by turns also the cooking for the group and keeping the place clean.

* of course travel costs and pocket money according to ESC rules

interested? then go to the facebook group of Rock Solid to find the info pack and application opportunities!

Deadline for applying is 20th of June.

3. v Estonsku:


✈️ When? Starting from September 2020

🇪🇪 Where? All over Estonia

📅 Application deadline? ASAP

Project descriptions and more information about applying –…/european-voluntary-serv…/open-placements/

Apply now!

4. v Turecku:EVS European Solidarity Corps Short Term in Turkey – 5 weeks

5. v Belgii:ESC vacancy in Leuven/Belgium. Send a mail to if interested

6. ve Francii:

The French Organization – Youth Information Center is searching for 1 volunteer from EU countries who would like to join our European Solidarity Corps project “Montauban connecting young people” from 15 October 2020 to 15 June 2021 (8 months) in Montauban 50 kilometres north of Toulouse in the Occitanie region in southern France. 

The city of Montauban wishes to develop information and raise young people’s awareness of international mobility.

Objectifs :

– to promote European Mobility for young people in Montauban,

– to discuss themes in relation with the European Union in daily life and during special events,

– to give to Montauban’s youngsters an occasion to interchange their respective lives and cultures,

The proposed activities :

– an organized event about Europe

– activities in the Europe, International section of the Youth Information Center

– an organized event of the country of the volunteer.

– to make available documentation/media/event… to encourage local youngsters to participate in a project of European interchange.

To reach out to the maximum of youngsters possible, we wish to work with all local partners and organization from Montauban and the region.

For this project we would like to receive enthusiastic people with communicational skills, willing to learn from different cultures.

The volunteer is expected to have a strong interest in the question of Europe, to be motivated to work with young people.

If you want to participate send your motivation letter and Curriculum Vitae before 30 of July to

Best regards,

7. v Německu:Roter Baum Berlin UG and association form Germany is looking for one long term volunteer at already approved project within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps – ESC.More about project and applying at following link

8. v Polsku:

📣 We are looking for volunteers for our #ESC „Hand in Hand“ project in beautiful Krakow 🇵🇱️🇪🇺If you dream about working with 🆒 kids and youth join us now❗️🙋‍♀️🦸‍♀️🏃‍♀️🧝‍♀️🤸‍♂️🎨🤹‍♂️🎲😊📍 Project duration 12 months ⏰ Starting September 2020
📍 More information & application form 👉👉👉
Contact us 📩 on board❗️Don’t wait and join „Hand in hand“ project 👍✌️✋💪🤜💫🤛

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